Woven Rug Design Carpet Coasters

Woven Rug Coasters

Woven rug coasters measures approximately140mm long 100mm wide 3 mm thick rubber base real white  fringe on both sides. Oriental rug coasters are machine woven and made of %100 polyester.(Not Printed)  They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.
Persian Rug Design Coasters
Will Look Great On Your Desktop

It is posibble to add your own design or company logo on Woven Rug Coasters We supply wholesale to bookshops and gift shops .
If you require many rug design carpet coasters, whether for promotions, as corporate gifts or customised for company and wedding , please contact us for our discounted prices

3.00 USD Shipping Free Minimum Order 50 usd for Total.



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