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Woven Rug design Carpet Mousepad

Woven rug design carpet mouse pad have hite fringe on both side. Our Rug Mousepad are machine woven and
made of %100 polyester.(Not Printed) They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.

Rug Mouse pads can be great advertising gifts for any company. You can have any design woven on these magic
carpet mousepads, from your company logo and your web address, to your picture. These long lasting and beautiful
gifts will remain in the best spot of your customers eyes, and will be a great memory

We have 3 size rug design carpet mouse pad,

10inches x 6inches
25cmx 15 cm


10inches x 7inches
25cmx 18 cm

12inches x 8inches
31cmx 20cm